Second Annual Eau Claire Weight Loss Challenge

The Eau Claire Area is hosting their Second Annual Weight Loss Challenge! We’ve partnered with your community’s go-to health club, Highland Fitness, to help you achieve your long-term weight loss and fitness goals. This 90 day journey has been broken down into fun, manageable, “bite-sized” challenges. Each week, you’ll focus on incorporating one new healthy habit into your life and be invited to participate in mini challenges. You’ll be provided with videos, recipes, and articles, courtesy Highland Fitness’s highly skilled staff and personal trainers, to assist you along the way. Let us help YOU make this your healthiest year yet!

REGISTRATION is CLOSED for this Year!  If you want to be included in our next challenge, please contact us so we can add you to the email list!   Also be sure to follow this year’s challenge on Facebook: 


Registration is CLOSED for this year!  We look forward to you participating in our next Eau Claire Weight Loss Challenge!








We’ve all said the words…

“I’ll start eating healthier tomorrow” or “I’ll exercise after work…tomorrow.”  What if you took action right now with one simple step?  The Eau Claire Weight Loss Challenge and our expert team at Highland Fitness invites YOU to step forward by committing to a healthier you – not tomorrow, but TODAY.  We’ve developed a 90 day program complete with weekly challenges (to keep things fresh), seminars (to inspire and connect), fitness workshops (to energize and educate), videos (to instruct and motivate), and healthy recipes (to stir up your “Yum” factor) of course!  This entire challenge has been designed with our community in mind and to set YOU up for maximum success.  In addition, we’ve kept the registration affordable so ANYONE can join – and the winner takes home the proverbial “cake” – $1,000 in cash!

“The best time to start living healthy was yesterday.  The second best time is now.”

Start living your life without regret.  Commit TODAY.  Register NOW.